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It is possible to incorporate the use of clickers into a LON-CAPA course.  Students must register their clicker IDs in the Preferences (see \ref{Clicker_Registration}) in order to incorporate clicker data into the course.  Instructors can upload scores to a problem using the clicker ID information provided by the students.  Follow the steps below to upload clicker data to count as credit in your LON-CAPA course.


\item Optionally register your own clicker in your Preferences (see \ref{Clicker_Registration}).

\item Add a Score Upload Form to your course from the Course Editor.  You can
have multiple clicker questions in one lecture, but only one Score Upload
Form for each lecture.

\item Display your clicker questions in class.  Example, use PowerPoint.

\item Have students use the clicker to answer the questions. Optionally answer the question correctly with your own clicker.

If you use your own clicker to answer the questions, you can later use that data to have the ``correct answers determined by instructor(s)''

\item Take the clicker datafile and upload it to LON-CAPA:
  \item Navigate to the Score Upload Form
  \item Click the Problem Grades menu item
  \item Choose the option to process clicker
  \item Browse and Upload the clicker files
  \item Choose the clicker brand (example, i$>$clicker)
  \item Choose the appropriate option to award points
     \item Award points just for participation
     \item Correctness determined from response by course personnel
       (This option assumes you registered your own clicker and
       answered the question.)
     \item Correctness determined from response with clicker ID(s)
       (If you answered the question with an unregistered clicker,
       enter that clicker's ID here.)
     \item Correctness determined from given list of answers
       (If you didn't answer the question with a clicker, define
       correct answer here.)
  \item Define what percentage of the question weight students get for
      getting the question correct or incorrect. Your data file may 
      have multiple questions. Say, you award 70\% for incorrect and
      100\% for correct, and the student has three wrong and two 
      correct answers, you get (3*70\%+2*100\%)/5=82\%.  The student is
      then awarded 82\% of the weight of the Score Upload form.
  \item Upload file.  There may be correction steps you need to to go
      through letting you choose users for unregistered clickers, 
      etc..  You will need to deal with these steps to finalize the
      upload and scoring.