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Tue, 24 Jun 2008 09:38:54 -0000

foxr		Tue Jun 24 05:38:54 2008 EDT

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    /loncom/html/adm	loncapa.keystore 
  LonCAPA keystore for signing lonCAPA .jar applet files, so that
  users of the applet know that rather than coming from some scruffy hacker,
  they come from the LonCAPA set of scruffy hackers.
    To sign an applet, your development system will need to have a
  version of Sun's java development kit installed.  These instructions
  assume that the bin directory of that kit are in PATH.
  Suppose we have a jar file named  applet.jar we want to sign:
  jarsigner -keystore loncapa.keystore -signedjar sapplet.jar applet.jar loncapa
  Will sign the applet.jar file creating a new jar file sapplet.jar.
  You will be prompted for the keystore password, which I'm not going to give

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Michigan State University110/U(Division of Math Science and Engineering10ULonCAPA0 080624092009Z21080531092009Z010	UUS10	UMI10UEast Lansing1"0 U
Michigan State University110/U(Division of Math Science and Engineering10ULonCAPA00,*H80