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    /loncom/html/adm/help/tex	Formula_Answers.tex 
  Helpfile to aid students in entering answers to formula response problems.  Will hopefully be linked to the "unable to understand formula" feedback given to students.

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If the answer to your LON-CAPA problem is
You can enter any of the following:
\item \begin{verbatim}2x^2+6x+4/3\end{verbatim}
\item \begin{verbatim}2*x^2+6*x+4/3\end{verbatim}
\item \begin{verbatim}2(x^2+3x+2/3)\end{verbatim}
\item or any other equation that is equivalent to the answer

However, if the answer to your LON-CAPA problem has more than one
variable, such as the following:
You will need to enter the {*} for all implied multiplication, for
The computer can figure out that 2x is 2{*}x because it is a number
times a letter, but it can't tell if xy is a two letter variable or
if it is x{*}y.

If your answer is:
enter the following as your answer: