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  Updated the slot documentation. Added a bit about how to set resource parameters so that it can use slots
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 Each slot can be edited or deleted according to your needs (see Editing and Deleting Slots \ref{Slot_EditDelete}). When a slot is deleted, students cannot use that slot anymore, even if they have been scheduled to take it before deletion.
+Once slots have been created, you must set the parameters of the resource that uses that slot (see Slots and Resources \ref{Slot_ResourceParameter}). Once this is complete, students will not be able to see the resource unless they are the correct students at the correct time and place. 

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After a slot has been created, you must determine the resources that are going to be using this slot. To do this,  go back to your course document list and click on the resource, this should take you to a page that shows the resource content. Next, click on PPRM (a button on the top menu) to modify parameters for this resource.

Set the opening date and the due date (if any) in the for resource column. To do this, click on the * in the in course for resource column. A pop up should appear. Enter the date you want the resource to be available and click the store link.

Change the 'Use slot based access controls' for resource column parameter to 'Yes'. Change the 'Slots of availability' parameter for the course in for resource column to the slot name that you created. You may need to change the input type (the combo box at the top of the popup) to 'String Value' instead of 'default'.