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  Course Coordinator manual for working with slots. Useful for BT. Not built inside the actual manual yet.

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A course coordinator can add slots, by going clicking \fbox{parm} (Managing Parameters) on the main menu and then clicking on the link Managing Slots. The link will guide you to a page showing all available slots. You can control which slots to show based on opening date, as well as what slot information to show.
Each slot can be edited or deleted according to your needs. When a slot is deleted, students cannot use that slot anymore, even if they have been scheduled to take it before deletion.
There are two ways of creating slot, using the web interface in LON CAPA and uploading a comma delimited file. Uploading a file allows you to use other applications in creating a comma delimited file, and automate the entry of multiple slots (See Upload Slot File \ref{Slot_CommaDelimited}).

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One way to add new slots is by using the LON-CAPA interface for adding slots. This is simply done by pressing the \textbf{Create a New Slot} button.

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You can also delete slots when you no longer need them as well as edit the slot attributes. This is simply done by clicking the link Edit or Delete next to the slot name. 

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Once the required attributes are selected, you press next to get to the next page. The next page shows the various optional attributes available. One attribute that you can set is whether a proctor is needed for authentication. If a proctor is needed for authentication, the proctor must put a username and password into the student's resource page in order for the student to see the resource.
If you had chosen student selectable, you can also set the time the students will be able to apply for the slots. The maximum capacity for each slot can also be set which restrict the number of students per slot. Finally, you can set that for a particular time period, a student may only apply for one slot. This is mainly used to limit the number of times a student may use this resource.
Finally it is possible to limit the computers that are allowed to open the resource by setting the ip address range allowed. By setting this, you can set that a slot can only be opened from a particular room.

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In the first page, input an identifier (name) for this slot. The identifier must be unique, and it must be one word without any special characters. You must also specify the time the slot is open by setting the starting time and the ending time. 
Finally, you must specify whether this slot is instructor assignable or student selectable. Instructor assignable means that the instructors select which students go to which slots, while student selectable means that students can choose from a number of slots that they schedule themselves in.

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The next screen allows the instructor to restrict the person who can use the resource. There are many ways to select persons who may use the resource. You can individually select each person, you can select the groups, the role, or by the sections that they are enrolled in.

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If you set that a proctor is needed for authentication. You will get a screen that allows you to set a valid proctor for that slot. Select proctor by checking the checkbox next to their names. The select and unselect button checks or unchecks the checkbox depending on the person's group.