[LON-CAPA-cvs] cvs: loncom /auth rolesplain.tab

raeburn lon-capa-cvs@mail.lon-capa.org
Mon, 17 Jul 2006 15:17:22 -0000

raeburn		Mon Jul 17 11:17:22 2006 EDT

  Modified files:              
    /loncom/auth	rolesplain.tab 
  Additional group roles.  Remove some group roles which are no longer used. 
Index: loncom/auth/rolesplain.tab
diff -u loncom/auth/rolesplain.tab:1.25 loncom/auth/rolesplain.tab:1.26
--- loncom/auth/rolesplain.tab:1.25	Tue Jun 27 13:47:22 2006
+++ loncom/auth/rolesplain.tab	Mon Jul 17 11:17:20 2006
@@ -81,16 +81,16 @@
 sgb:Broadcast mail to group
 cgb:Create discussion boards in group
 pgd:Post to group discussion boards
-pag:Post anonymously to group discussion boards
-rgi:Get identities of anonymous posters in group boards
 vgb:View postings in group discussion boards
+egp:Edit own postings in group discussion boards
+dgp:Hide or Delete any posting in group discussion boards,
 pgc:Participate in group chat
-rci:Get identities of anonymous posters in group chat
 rgf:Retrieve files from group repository
 ugf:Upload files to group repository
 mgf:Modify files (and their metadata) in group repository
 dgf:Delete files from group repository
 agf:Set access controls on files in group repository
-vgm:View group membership roster
+vgm:View basic group membership roster
+vmd:View detailed group membership roster
 vgh:View group homepage
 mgh:Modify group homepage