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 Using the ``Select Spreadsheet File'' link opens the LON-CAPA resource browser.
 Only files with the extension \texttt{spreadsheet} can be selected.  The
-spreadsheet definition file must be valid XML.  Please contact the LON-CAPA
-development team for instructions and examples on creating these files.
+spreadsheet definition file must be valid XML. (You must be author to create and publish a spreadsheet file \ref{Authoring_Spreadsheet}.)
 \textbf{Setting the Assessment Level Spreadsheets used to Calculate Grades}

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You can create a spreadsheet XML file to import into your course.  The file must be named with the extension .spreadsheet.  Example: 
\begin{verbatim} <field col=A row=0>'Available Points:'</field>
<field col=B row=0>&SUM('X*')</field>
<field col=C row=0>'Awarded Points:'</field>
<field col=D row=0>&SUM('Z*')</field>