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 Table~\ref{table:examples} shows an example of a discussion classification according to this scheme.
 \caption{Example of a discussion classification around the collision problem Fig.~\ref{reprecoll}.\label{table:examples}} 
 A&It's "inelastic," so they'll just sit there after the crash.&Conceptual; Physics.\\\hline
@@ -222,7 +223,7 @@
 A&And they're gonna move after the crash?&Conceptual; Question; Physics.\\\hline
 C&Maybe.&Conceptual; Answer; Physics.\\\hline
 A&How would you know? Is momentum conserved here in inelastic?&Conceptual; Question; Physics.\\\hline
-B&This problem sucks. How like comes up with this [\ldots] anyway?&Emotional; Negative.\\\hline
+B&This problem sucks. Who like comes up with this [\ldots] anyway?&Emotional; Negative.\\\hline
 C&Let's just calculate it. So, $E=\frac12mv^2$, and it's like two cars before and one pile of junk afterwards.&Procedural; Solution-oriented; Gives direction to work.\\\hline
 B&What about the wall?&Surface; Question.\\\hline