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-\item Click \textbf{COM} on the remote control. 
-\item At the Communication and Message screen, click the \textbf{User
+\item Select \textbf{COM} on the Remote Control or Main Menu. 
+\item At the \textbf{Communication and Messages} screen, click the \underbar{User
   notes, record of face-to-face discussions, and critical messages}
 \item Type the username in the \textbf{Username} field and choose the
   domain using the \textbf{Domain} pull down. 
-  Note: You can also click the \textbf{Select User} link and a new window 
+  NOTE: You can also click the \underbar{Select User} link and a new window 
   will open with a list of all the users in the course. Select the user. This 
   will populate the Username field and close the window.
-\item Click \textbf{Retrieve discussion and message records}. The
+\item Click the \fbox{Retrieve discussion and message records} button. The
   screen will show any records previously entered for the user.
 \item Enter text in the text box.
-\item Click \textbf{Post this record}.
+\item Click the \fbox{Post this record} button.