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Thu, 17 Feb 2005 21:30:35 -0000

matthew		Thu Feb 17 16:30:35 2005 EDT

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    /modules/matthew/LON-CAPA_rpm	LONCAPA-prerequisites.fc2.spec 
  Spec file to use for FC2 builds

Index: modules/matthew/LON-CAPA_rpm/LONCAPA-prerequisites.fc2.spec
+++ modules/matthew/LON-CAPA_rpm/LONCAPA-prerequisites.fc2.spec
Summary: Stub rpm to set up LONCAPA dependencies
Name: LONCAPA-prerequisites
Version: 1
Release: 9.fc2
License: GPL
Group: Applications/Internet
URL: www.loncapa.org
Source0: %{name}-%{version}.tar.gz
BuildRoot: %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-root
Requires: apache gd perl perl-GD perl-GD-Barcode perl-GDGraph perl-GD-Graph3d perl-GDTextUtil ImageMagick ImageMagick-perl perl-suidperl mod_perl_1 mysql mysql-server perl-DBD-MySQL perl-DBI perl-Algorithm-Diff perl-Authen-Krb5 perl-Authen-PAM perl-Crypt-DES perl-Crypt-IDEA perl-Crypt-SSLeay perl-Event perl-HTML-Tree perl-IO-Socket-SSL perl-IO-stringy perl-MailTools perl-Math-Cephes perl-Math-Random perl-Net-PH perl-Net-SSLeay perl-OLE-Storage_Lite perl-Parse-RecDescent perl-Pod-POM perl-PostScript-Simple perl-Safe-Hole perl-Spreadsheet-WriteExcel perl-String-Similarity perl-Text-Aspell perl-Text-Query perl-TimeDate aspell perl-IO-Socket-SSL perl-MIME-Lite perl-MIME-Types tetex zip perl-libwww-perl tetex-dvips tetex-latex ghostscript perl-WeakRef ntp at gnuplot which perl-Cache-Memcached memcached
# Requirements for compilation of CAPA
Requires: bison flex swig
# Next require is just for installation of pwauth in the install script.
Requires: gcc patch
Requires: apache < 2.0
Requires: perl-HTML-Parser = 3.45-1.loncapa
Requires: perl-Authen-Krb4 = 1.1-1.loncapa
Conflicts: httpd php mod_throttle mod_bandwidth
Conflicts: mod_perl
# Notes on requirements: Net::SMTP/perl-libnet is provided in perl-5.8.3

LONCAPA-prerequisites configures a system to run LON-CAPA.

%setup -q


make PREFIX=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_prefix}



* Thu Sep  9 2004 <matthew@kirk.lite.msu.edu> -
- Updated dependencies

* Thu Aug  5 2004  <matthew@kirk.lite.msu.edu> - 
- Initial build.