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    /loncom/html/adm/help/tex	Print_Options.tex 
  Added documentation for the TeXwrap element in the <IMG> tag to this document
  which appears to document additional elements supported by printing.
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+++ loncom/html/adm/help/tex/Print_Options.tex	Tue Dec 28 06:02:11 2004
@@ -17,5 +17,27 @@
 \item \ref{TEXwidth_attribute} <th> \textbf{TeXwidth} attribute
 \item \ref{IMAGE_TEX_attribute} <img> \textbf{TeXwidth} attribute
 \item \ref{IMAGE_TEX_attribute} <img> \textbf{TeXheight} attribute
+\item \ref{IMAGE_TEX_attribute} <img> \textbf{TeXwrap} attribute  This attribute
+                         controls how the generated LaTeX attempts to wrap
+			 text around figures when a horizontal alignment
+			 has been requested in the IMG tag.  Unfortunately, \LaTeX is 
+			 not really built to do this and there are no known perfect
+			 solutions.  This attribute has two possible values:
+	\begin{itemize}
+	   \item{parbox} - (the default) uses \newline and \parbox to position the
+	     image.  This positioning method ensures that the image is placed at
+	     the appropriate side of the page, however very little or no text wrapping
+	     is attempted.  On the other hand, this method will never place text
+	     on top of the image.
+	   \item{parpic} - uses the picins package \parpic to attempt to get text to
+	     wrap around the image.  This method places the remainder of the text of
+	     the paragraph containing the picture to the left or right of the picture.
+	     This scheme has two drawbacks:  If the remainder of the paragraph text is
+	     insufficient to fill the area to the side of the image, the text from the
+	     following paragraph will run through the image,  parpic also seems to not
+	     do a good job of honoring the end of the page, and images can spill below
+	     the page footers generated by Lon-CAPA.
+	\end{itemize}
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