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 \item \ref{Numerical_Response_Advanced_Example} Numerical Response Example
 \item \ref{Formula_Response_Example} Formula Response Example
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+\emph{String Response Problems}
+\item \ref{String_Response_Problems} String Response Problems
+\item \ref{String_Response_Problem_Creation} Creating String Response Problems
+\emph{Radio Button Response Problems}
+\item \ref{Radio_Response_Problems} Radio Button Response Problems
+\item \ref{Radio_Response_Randomization} Randomization in Radio Button Response Problems
+\item \ref{Creating_Radio_Response_Problems} Creating Radio Button Response Problems
+\emph{Option Response Problems}
+\item \ref{Option_Response_Problems} Option Response Problems
+\item \ref{Option_Response_Problem_Creation} Creating Option Response Problems
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 The full power of Perl is well outside the scope of this document. Looking
-in the function list at \\
-http://mileva.lite.msu.edu/loncapadocs/homework/homework5.html \\
+in the function list at \ref{Problem_LON-CAPA_Functions}
 can give you some ideas. O'Reilly has some good Perl books. The Perl 5 Pocket
 Reference will contain more than what you need to know to use LON-CAPA, available
 at \\