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-To view the code development history of LON-CAPA, you will need to use the
-<a href="http://www.cvshome.org/">CVS</a> tool, the open standard for
-version control.  Please contact Helen (<a href="mailto:helen@lon-capa.org">
-helen@lon-capa.org</a>) to request a CVS USERNAME.
+To view the code development history of LON-CAPA, you can access a <a
+href="http://zaphod.lite.msu.edu/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/">web version</a>
+of our CVS respository. Otherwise, please contact Helen (<a
+href="mailto:helen@lon-capa.org"> helen@lon-capa.org</a>) to request a
 The initial CVS commands would be: