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You can load all the resources from an existing LON-CAPA sequence into
the current folder in your \textbf{Course Documents} area. This allows
you to easily load up a folder with existing resources, and
subsequently manipulate the folder, such as by deleting or reordering
the resources.

Note that if you have no intention of changing the order, it's easier
just to directly load the sequence using the \textbf{Import} button.

Load a map's resources into the current folder by doing the following:


\item Click \textbf{Select Map} next to the text entry area under the
  \textbf{Import a published document} area on the \textbf{Course
  Documents} screen.
\item Navigate to the desired sequence, and click the \textbf{Select}
  button next to it.
\item Click the \textbf{Load Map} button. The map will be loaded into
  your \textbf{Course Documents}.