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Tue, 01 Jul 2003 17:35:41 +0100

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RE:    Business Proposal/Partnership Investment

 ATTN SIR,    
I received encouraging information about you and how
trust worthy you are. I am delighted with such a
useful information. I am interested in the partnership
investment program with your corporation. First permit
me to introduce myself as Governor Albert Sharrif of
the Western Sahara State in the Democratic Republic of
Sahara. Being the chief executive and the governor of
my State. I awarded the contract of IRRIGATION to a top
Portuguese Firm worth several millions of dollars. In
the execution of that project the Portuguese Firm
discovered large amount of gold in one of the contract
site. I collaborated with the Portuguese Firm on a
mutual agreement on the  proceed of which I have
received my share of $65.000,000 =3D(sixty five milliondollars).  
As the Governor, I cannot introduce or circulate this
funds into the Sahara banking system considering my
provisional duty and considering the fact that I
earn less than $1,000US dollars monthly coupled with
the Bureau of conduct guidelines and regulations for
Public Civil Servants. The above situation prompted my
decision to solicit your co-operation to take delivery
of this funds into your custody for my proposed
investment as you will be adequately compensated with
$15 000,000 USdollars. I will arrange all necessary
procedures in ensuring a smooth process for the funds to get to you.
I will appreciate you contact me once you receive this
mail via my e-mail account indicating your capability
and willingness to enable me to give you more details of my modus operandi of =
getting this  money to you hitch free. This matter requires your urgent =
attention and confidentiality whatever your decision.
 Best Regards,
 Governor Albert Sharrif
Western Sahara