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    etc.  Use the drop-down menus to make an 
    association for each of the spreadsheets' columns.
-\emph{Note}: If you wish to associate a particular column to more that one field 
+\emph{Note}: If you wish to associate a particular column to more than one field 
       (if, for example, you wish to make the students' initial passwords the 
       same as their student numbers) click the button labeled, \textbf{Reverse 
       Association}.  Then you can assign columns of the spreadsheet to more 
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 \item In the Location bar of your browser, type in the full URL of the new Content
 Page. Make sure the last part of the URL ends with {}``.html'', for example,
-\emph{http://www.s10.lite.msu.edu/priv/username/new\_resource.html} .\\
+\emph{http://s10.lite.msu.edu/priv/username/new\_resource.html} .\\
 Press the Return or Enter key.
 \item Type the content into the editor, \emph{OR} copy and paste HTML source code
 obtained through the use of some other HTML authoring program into the editor.

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A user can add an announcement to the calendar by clicking \textbf{CLDR} on the
remote control. The Announcements and Calendar screen will open. Using
the pull down menus click on the Starting date, time and the Ending
date, time. Type the announcement in text box and click Post
Announcement. The announcement will now appear on the specific date(s)
on the calendar. Today's announcements will also show up on the Roles
screen, next to the respective courses, and on the Course Syllabus

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A user can remove an announcement from the calendar by clicking \textbf{CLDR}
on the remote control. The Announcements and Calendar screen will
open. Scroll down the screen to view the calendar shown on the
screen. If the announcement is in the current month then check the box
next to the announcement. If the announcement is not in the current
month then use the previous month, and next month links to move to the
correct month. After the user has selected the announcement click
Remove Checked Entries.