[LON-CAPA-cvs] cvs: loncom /html/adm/helper course.initialization.helper

bowersj2 lon-capa-cvs@mail.lon-capa.org
Fri, 30 May 2003 14:00:22 -0000

bowersj2		Fri May 30 10:00:22 2003 EDT

  Modified files:              
    /loncom/html/adm/helper	course.initialization.helper 
  Now that we have a "menu" screen, we can use that as a "default" screen 
  for the course when we want to do things like "leave this helper", 
  instead of just going out to an essentially random thing like navmaps.
Index: loncom/html/adm/helper/course.initialization.helper
diff -u loncom/html/adm/helper/course.initialization.helper:1.3 loncom/html/adm/helper/course.initialization.helper:1.4
--- loncom/html/adm/helper/course.initialization.helper:1.3	Tue May 27 16:00:56 2003
+++ loncom/html/adm/helper/course.initialization.helper	Fri May 30 10:00:21 2003
@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@
       <p>If you have previous experience with coordinating LON-CAPA courses and
          prefer not to use the Helper,
-         <a href="/adm/navmaps">click here</a> to leave this Helper.</p>
+         <a href="/adm/menu">click here</a> to leave this Helper.</p>
       <p>All settings which you can change with this Helper can also be changed while the
          course is running by going to the PARM screen and clicking on the &quot;Set