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-<!-- $Id: installindex.html,v 1.4 2002/04/23 13:38:31 harris41 Exp $ -->
+<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"
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+<!-- $Id: installindex.html,v 1.5 2002/05/02 00:51:58 harris41 Exp $ -->
 <title>All Good Things Must Work</title>
 <!-- pdfahref index.pdf -->
 <!-- button MAIN-SITE -->
-<body bgcolor='#ffffff'>
+<body bgcolor="#ffffff">
 <!-- preamble start -->
 In a software project that experiences continual improvement
 and where security and stability are important, we give
 great attention to the ease and maintenance of LON-CAPA
 on a Linux operating system.
 On these pages you will learn how the LON-CAPA software system is
-<li><font face='helvetica'>definable</font></li>
-<li><font face='helvetica'>configurable</font></li>
-<li><font face='helvetica'>&amp; testable</font></li>
+<li>&amp; testable</li>
-<td nowrap='' align='center'>
-<font face='helvetica'>which improves the</font>
+<td nowrap="nowrap" align="center">
+which improves the
-<li><font face='helvetica'>installation</font></li>
-<li><font face='helvetica'>upgrading</font></li>
-<li><font face='helvetica'>&amp; code development</font></li>
+<li>&amp; code development</li>
 To learn general information about
 the LON-CAPA project, please visit
-<a href='http://www.lon-capa.org'>http://www.lon-capa.org/</a>.
+<a href="http://www.lon-capa.org">http://www.lon-capa.org/</a>.
 <!-- preamble end -->
 <!-- maintext start -->
 <!-- aspseek search page; modified by Scott Harrison, 2/10/2002 -->
-<form method='get' action="http://mail.lon-capa.org/cgi-bin/s.cgi">
-<table bgcolor='#ffffff' width='100%' border='0'>
+<form method="get" action="http://mail.lon-capa.org/cgi-bin/s.cgi">
+<table bgcolor="#ffffff" width="100%" border="0">
-<td valign='bottom'>
-<font size='+2'>Search</font>
+<td valign="bottom">
+<font size="+2">Search</font>
 <td valign="bottom" align="center">
  Search for <input type="text" name="q" size="30" value="" />
@@ -59,24 +65,26 @@
-<td colspan='3'>
+<td colspan="3">
 Results per page:
 <select name="ps">
 <option value="10">10</option>
-<option value="20" SELECTED>20</option>
+<option value="20" selected="selected">20</option>
 <option value="50">50</option>
-<input type='hidden' name='o' value='0' />
+<input type="hidden" name="o" value="0" />
-<table cellpadding='2' cellspacing='0' border='0'>
+<table cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" border="0">
-Limit results to pages published within a specified period of time.<BR>
-<font size='-1'><i>(Please select only one option)</i></font>
+Limit results to pages published within a specified period of time.<br />
+<font size="-1"><i>(Please select only one option)</i></font>
-<td valign='center'><input type='radio' name="dt" value="back" checked></td>
+<td valign="middle">
+<input type="radio" name="dt" value="back" checked="checked" /></td>
 <select name="dp">
 <option value="0">anytime</option>
@@ -99,5 +107,6 @@
 <!-- maintext end -->
+<!-- validated -->