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The configure, install, and upgrade sections of this document
relate to installing and upgrading various software components
of a LON-CAPA server.
First, information must be retrieved from the LON-CAPA server.
There are two kinds of information you will want:
<li><strong>Source code of LON-CAPA</strong>, it provides you with</li>
<li>network connectivity with other LON-CAPA computers around the world</li>
<li>processing and delivery of course material and problem sets to your
<li>classroom and course management</li>
<li>extensive new functionality for your web server</li>
<li>tools for monitoring the state of your system</li>
<li><strong>Specific customizations that must be made to your Linux operating
system distribution</strong></li>
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<font size='+2'>Source code of LON-CAPA</font>
We distribute LON-CAPA with the <a href='http://www.cvshome.org/'>CVS</a>
tool, the open standard for version control.
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export CVSROOT=:pserver:USERNAME@zaphod.lite.msu.edu:/home/cvs 
cvs login 

<font size='+2'>Specific customizations that must be made to your
Linux operating system distribution</font>

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