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  tutorial instructions for creating a course

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Tutorial instructions for creating a course

1. Login in as the user that is an author.
   If your user has multiple roles, then you must
   select the ROLES button and SELECT author.
2. Click on the CSTR button.
3. use the New Subdirectory button to make a directory called testing
4. Now, go to the URL of the main window and change
5. Click on the Advanced Map Editing button
6. Here is the map creation.
7. But first, you need content to place in the course.
8. Go to URL http://MACHINENAME/priv/AUTHORNAME/testing/test1.html
9. Make a few changes then select "Save This" button at bottom.
10. Go to URL http://MACHINENAME/priv/AUTHORNAME/testing/test2.html
11. Publish both test.1.html and test2.html
12. Make a few changes then select "Save This" button at bottom.
13. Now let's make the map (sequence).
    Go to URL http://MACHINENAME/priv/AUTHORNAME/testing/test.sequence
14. Select Advanced Map Editing
15. Click on Start
16. Select Browse
17. Select domain DOMAIN (click on red diamond)
18. Click on authorname
19. click on testing
20. Select test1.html
21. Click on save changes
22. Do steps 15-21 for Finish and use test2.html.
23. Click on Start (not on the white buttons, but on the
    text "Start")
24. Click on "Link Resource"
25. Then click on "Finish"
26. Voila!  A link is generated on the map.
27. Click on Save map.
28. You now have a course sequence.
29. Now publish test1.html, test2.html and test.sequence.
30. Now publish test.sequence.
31. logout and login as domain coordinator
32. click on create course
33. title=test course
    map location=/res/DOMAIN/AUTHORNAME/testing/test.sequence
    and assign course coordinator role to whomever you choose
34. logout and login as that course coordinator person
35. and many options and features continue beyond this