[LON-CAPA-admin] lon-capa ports

Neubauer, Paul R. pneubauer at bsu.edu
Mon May 2 13:01:51 EDT 2022


Our security team is auditing our network connectivity and asked me about the firewall openings for lon-capa. We currently have openings for ports 80, 443, 5663, and 8080.

Now, I sort of know what most of these are doing (including 5663), but I'm hazy on 80 and 443. I would normally expect a webserver to open 80 OR 443, but why do we have 80 AND 443. The access-log in /var/log/httpd looks like lon-capa is serving something over port 80, not just redirecting to 443. Or am I misreading it? And what about 8080? The only (more or less) relevant hits I get off a google search on "lon-capa port 8080" appear to indicate that 8080 is no longer used. Is it safe to close that firewall opening?


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