[LON-CAPA-admin] Lots of errors...

Clawson, James CLAWSONJ at mailbox.sc.edu
Sun Sep 5 20:48:33 EDT 2021


We are getting a lot of error reports similar to what is attached.

On another (or possibly related) note:

We are having login issues with our library server but not always the access one (I've been able to get in most of the time).  Students normally log into the access server and have been reporting an issue that homework submissions are not being taken or rejected.  The screen returns to the same state as before answering (no increase in submission attempts).   I have verified this behavior.   One thought I had was that it could be that the access server is not communicating with the library server (I don't have the knowledge yet to know how to check if this is true or not), and something is wrong on the library server.

As far as I can tell, this is behavior that started a few days ago (Thursday).

Any help on where to start diagnosis is appreciated.

James Clawson
Laboratory Manger
University of South Carolina
Department of Physics and Astronomy
clawsonj at mailbox.sc.edu<mailto:clawsonj at mailbox.sc.edu>
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