[LON-CAPA-admin] What does this error mean?

Raeburn, Stuart raeburn at msu.edu
Tue Aug 31 15:07:58 EDT 2021


You'll likely want to correct this so that Course Coordinators are not greeted by that screen each time they select a CC role in the course, or push the "re-initializing" Course button.

The first thing I would check on your LON-CAPA library server is whether there is a file at the location shown in the error message. (The message suggests the file is missing), i.e., the command:

ls -al /home/httpd/lonUsers/sc/6/5/2/65251318d8c1a61c2scl1/userfiles/default_13402168322861361610566676.sequence

will not find a file.

If so, you have two options:

(a) Edit the course to delete the reference to the missing file
(b) Create the missing file.

If you choose (a) then as a Course Coordinator you can use the Course Editor to delete the reference to the default_13402168322861361610566676.sequence item.

One way to do that would be to do:

cd /home/httpd/lonUsers/sc/6/5/2/65251318d8c1a61c2scl1/userfiles

and then do 

grep default_13402168322861361610566676 *.sequence

Once you have identified the sequence file up one level in the hierarchy which references this one, you would determine the name used for that folder in the course and use the Course Editor to display that folder and then use "remove" to delete the reference to the default_13402168322861361610566676 folder item.

If the file is indeed missing then you might check the equivalent location in the course from which this new one was cloned.  Say this was cloned from sc_123abc678def077a1scl1, you would look for:


If that file exists you could copy it to the expected location in the new course and then use a text editor to replace any instances of
123abc678def077a1scl1 in the copied file with 65251318d8c1a61c2scl1.

Note: you might need to do additional work of copying other .sequence files should default_13402168322861361610566676.sequence itself reference other sub-folders which themselves were not copied during cloning.

You can view the courseID of the course which was cloned if you access the new course as a CC and then use: Settings > Course Settings > Display (General course settings checked)
The courseID will be in the "Cloned from" row.

If the equivalent file does not exist then you could create a minimal file at the location shown in the error message.

The minimal file would contain:

<resource id="1" src="" type="start"></resource>
<link from="1" to="2" index="1"></link>
<resource id="2" src="" type="finish"></resource>

Whichever method you adopt (copy or add a file) the file you create should have permissions and ownership of: -rw-r--r--  and www www

If cloning was incomplete when creating the new course, two questions would be (1) why, and (2) is anything else missing from the new course?

Stuart Raeburn
LON-CAPA Academic Consortium
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I cloned a course for a faculty member, and this error pops up when he (or I) accesses the course (as coordinators).

Does it need to be corrected?  If so, how?  The course seems to run fine otherwise.


James Clawson
Laboratory Manager
University of South Carolina
Department of Physics and Astronomy
clawsonj at mailbox.sc.edu

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