[LON-CAPA-admin] Assignment details not showing after upgrade done to lon capa

Rodney Jean-Paul rodney.jean-paul at mcgill.ca
Wed Aug 28 14:51:55 EDT 2019

We have been working on updating our version of lon capa on a dev server and we noticed that the assignment details does not appear when an instructor/student open it.
Version 2.11.2-2017061214

You can click the assignment to access it but what appears on the page are the buttons to view the metadata or to provide the evaluation of the resource. So the text explaining the problem/pictures etc... do not appear. Under the buttons you see a message that says Can't connect to (address of our server:443)

if we go to the http version of the page, we see a message that says "FOUND the document has moved here". If you click the link, you get to see the text/pictures of the problem and it is pointing you to the https page. It seems to be running in circle and I am not really sure what we are doing wrong here.

Rodney Jean-Paul

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