[LON-CAPA-admin] Missing Institutional Section Info

Bynum, Lee Hamilton leebynum at illinois.edu
Mon Aug 27 14:51:00 EDT 2018

Hello Everyone,

Following our server upgrade we have noticed some odd behavior in our rostering.  Every student in our courses is being listed as a new student every morning in the "What's new" section.  Looking at the auto roster log tells me that the Enrollment.pm script is attempting to update the institutional section from blank to the associated groupID.

Institutional section change for USERNAME from  to GROUP_ID.

The students are being assigned to their proper courses and sections, but for some reason a field is being left blank.  As this was not occurring prior to the server upgrade, I suspect something in our local_enroll is incompatible with the new OS.  I'm checking on that now, but if anyone has any thoughts as to what else might be causing this failure to assign an institutional section I would appreciate the suggestion.


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