[LON-CAPA-admin] question about backup

Balagopal Pillai Balagopal.Pillai at Dal.Ca
Wed Feb 17 08:50:40 EST 2016


          I have a question on backup and restore of lon capa. I have a standalone loncapa server used for statistics courses and a webwork server used for mathematics courses. At the moment I backup /home, /etc and mysql daily overnight to tape and to another disk array. With webwork, I could move a particular course to another server by simply copying over the courses/<some course> directory and corresponding mysql tables. I was wondering what would be the steps 
to accomplish the same thing in loncapa. I came across the hardware upgrade section of the lon capa documentation which mentions to restore the whole /home. But nothing I could find about moving a single course in and out of the current capa server.  Thanks. 


Balagopal Pillai
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