[LON-CAPA-admin] CAS authentication

Lucas, Richard clucas at purdue.edu
Wed Sep 30 11:09:00 EDT 2015

Thanks, that is good to hear. I have installed mod_auth_cas and have been doing some reading this morning. This is what I have so far and it is at least sending me to CAS, just waiting for that team to authorize the app. Are these similar settings to yours? Are you using the CASScope parameter?


CASDebug Off
CASLoginURL https://webservices-test.itns.purdue.edu/apps/account/cas-userX/login
CASValidateURL https://webservices-test.itns.purdue.edu/apps/account/cas-userX/serviceValidate
CASIdleTimeout 7200
CASCookiePath /tmp/cas/

PerlSetVar lonOtherAuthen yes
PerlSetVar lonOtherAuthenType CAS
PerlSetVar lonSSOUserDomain purdue

#PerlSetVar lonSSOUserLogoutHeadFile_purdue /home/httpd/html/adm/sso_logout_head
#PerlSetVar lonSSOUserLogoutMessageFile_purdue /home/httpd/html/adm/sso_logout_body
#PerlSetVar lonSSOUserUnknownRedirect /adm/sso_failed_login.html
#PerlSetVar lonSSOReloginServer https://somehost.somewhere.edu

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I have being using cas authentication here at fsu for more than 10 years. Works great. Originally I used mod_cas but has switched over to mod_auth_cas a few yrs ago. It is simple to install and the configuration is done on httpd.conf. The mod_cas is much more difficult to install.


On Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 10:22 AM, Lucas, Richard <clucas at purdue.edu<mailto:clucas at purdue.edu>> wrote:
We are looking to setup cas authentication for our LON-CAPA installation. I’m curious if anyone has done this with mod_auth_cas and if so can you provide any pointers on what I should be doing?


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