[LON-CAPA-admin] How to fix ./TEST error ?

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Fri May 1 09:52:32 EDT 2015


> [root at loncapa loncapa-2.11.0]# ./TEST

Error messages from the TEST script can be ignored, as that script is  
old and not actively maintained.

If the LON-CAPA log-in page for your new LON-CAPA instance loads  
correctly, and you are able to log-into your domain via that page,  
using the domain coordinator username and password which you  
previously created by running:

perl make_domain_coordinator.pl <USERNAME> <DOMAIN>

from the command line, then your LON-CAPA instance is set up correctly.

In order to be able to browse and/or search content from other domains  
in the network you will need to request membership of the LON-CAPA  
network.  See: http://loncapa.org/beforeyoustart.html

If things are not working correctly in your new LON-CAPA installation  
please send a help request to helpdesk at loncapa.org


Stuart Raeburn
LON-CAPA Academic Consortium

Quoting Jong-Dae Park <jdpark7 at gmail.com>:

> Hello,
> I have installed a lon-capa system but when I typed ./TEST, I got error
> message as follows,
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> [root at loncapa loncapa-2.11.0]# ./TEST
> cd ../test; perl filecomparetest.pl
> Test 1...FAILED perl ../build/filecompare.pl -n fctest/fileA.txt
> fctest/fileF.txt
> Test 2...ok
> Test 3...FAILED perl ../build/filecompare.pl -n fctest/fileA.txt
> fctest/fileC.txt
> Test 4...ok
> Test 5...ok
> Test 6...ok
> Test 7...FAILED perl ../build/filecompare.pl -n fctest/fileA.txt
> fctest/fileE.txt
> Test 8...FAILED perl ../build/filecompare.pl -n fctest/fileA.txt
> fctest/fileC.txt age size
> Test 9...ok
> Test 10...FAILED perl ../build/filecompare.pl -p fctest/fileA.txt
> fctest/fileB.txt
> Test 11...ok
> Test 12...ok
> Tests: 7/12 successful (58.3 %)
> ERROR with filecompare.pl
> make: *** [TEST_lpml_scripts] Error 1
> cp: cannot stat "CPAN_STATUS_REPORT" No such file or directory
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Thanks for any comments.
> JD Park.
> Pai Chai University
> Daejon. Korea

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