[LON-CAPA-admin] re-login page for fsuK12 domain users

H. K. Ng hkng at fsu.edu
Tue Aug 12 18:18:00 EDT 2014


The fsu and fsuK12 domains run from the same servers. An fsu user goes to
loncapa.fsu.edu and this get redirect to CAS login, Once authenticated the
user is off loaded by the load balancer to another server. When the user
logs out, the relogin page automatically goes to loncapa.fsu.edu. An fsuK12
user goes to k12.fsu.edu which then redirected (by apache rewrite) to
loncapa.fsu.edu/adm/login?domain=fsuK12. Again, once authenticated the user
is off loaded to another server. However, when the fsuK12 user logs out,
the login page goes to loncapa.fsu.edu. So the question is whether the
fsuK12 can be redirected to loncapa.fsu.edu/adm/login?domain=fsuK12? I look
in the domain configuration but cannot find any place that specifies a
domain user and which login page the user is presented with.

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