[LON-CAPA-admin] ImageMagic conversion of some png files fails.... is there a an upgrade needed?

Raymond Batchelor batchelo at sfu.ca
Sun Jul 28 20:19:12 EDT 2013

I posted a bug about this a while back, but I am encountering the issue more & more now.
I am wondering if there is a LON-CAPA fix needed or perhaps an update of ImageMagik package?

Thought I'd draw attention to it now.

Bug #6652

"It appears that png files with alpha cannot be converted to the printout pdf.
Not sure where or why. One gets the message e.g.

"An error occured during the conversion of
If possible try to save this image using different settings and republish it."

Is there a fix or should we just work around this by changing to opaque or
single bit tranparency gif?".... or what?


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