[LON-CAPA-admin] Load balancing

Alain Plante alain.plante at mcgill.ca
Tue Oct 16 10:50:56 EDT 2012


I am fairly new to loncapa and I am trying to understand if our setup makes sense (this was done prior to me looking at how this works) so please bear with me.

We have capa.mcgill.ca which is the IP of a load balancer (f5) which redirects the connection to our access server capa2.ncs.mcgill.ca.

We have a separate library server named capa.ncs.mcgill.ca which should be used when load is too high on capa2. Last nigth the load on capa2 was running between 30 and 75 while the load on capa kept being under 1.0.

Our current loncapa.conf is :

PerlSetVar     lonHostID      mcgill2
PerlSetVar     lonRole      access
PerlSetVar     lonLoadLim      2.00
PerlSetVar     lonExpire      86400
PerlSetVar     lonReceipt      XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
PerlSetVar     lonUserLoadLim      0
PerlSetVar     lonDefDomain      mcgill
PerlSetVar     loncAllowInsecure      1
PerlSetVar     lonSupportEMail      XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
PerlSetVar     londAllowInsecure      1
PerlSetVar     lonAdmEMail      XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Most of the connection I am seeing in the logs are being made by our F5 load balancer so I am thinking there is something not doing its job properly.

Does anyone have a similar setup?

What should we use for LonLoadLim and LonUserLoadLim?



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