[LON-CAPA-admin] can't see resources from huji domain

Robert F Gonzales rgonzal at binghamton.edu
Thu Sep 22 15:11:58 EDT 2011

I've got 3 machines that I recently added to the binghamton domain.  When
I added them I forgot the have our campus network guy open port 5663 for
them in the campus firewall.    He opened the port for those servers on
this past Tuesday (2 days ago).

One of our courses is using resources from the huji domain but these 3
machines are unable to open them, I get the message "Unable to find
formula_molecular.problem".  I can see resources that we are using from
other domains.  I tried  browsing via the 'import' function under 'edit
course'  and I can browse resources from many LON-CAPA domains but I can't
browse any from huji.

I looked at the iptables on the machines and there are rules for huji that
appear to be the same as on the servers that are working fine.

Here's a line from the lonc.log:

Thu Sep 22 13:55:28 2011 (3557) [capa1.cc.huji.ac.il] [Thu Sep 22 13:55:21
2011: Connected to capa1.cc.huji.ac.il] <font color='blue'>WARNING:
Failing transaction sethost</font>

Does anyone have any suggestions about what I could check next?

Bob Gonzales
Binghamton University
Chemistry Dept

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