[LON-CAPA-admin] Reverse Association and Timed Exams

Gerd Kortemeyer korte at lite.msu.edu
Wed Jul 21 09:21:27 EDT 2010


On Jul 6, 2010, at 3:47 PM, Paul Omernik wrote:
> The first is uploading student rosters through reverse association.  It works on the "Field and Samples" screen, but trying to submit a reverse association CSV roster does nothing (no feedback at all when pressing the button).
> I can work around this for the summer courses by simply copying a dual-use column, but for many courses this would become less than ideal.

I am looking into Bug #6312 right now. Feel free to open an account in Bugzilla and follow progress.

I tried uploading a course list with reverse association, and it worked for me. I have compared the code versions that we ship with 2.9 and the current CVS HEAD, and none of the changes immediately appear to make a difference in this context.

Could you please describe in more detail what is happening?

* Do you get a next screen after you press the button?
* If not, it would help if you could bring up a JavaScript or error console, and see if the error is maybe JavaScript-related.


- Gerd.

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