[LON-CAPA-admin] Reverse Association and Timed Exams

Paul Omernik paul.omernik at ndsu.edu
Tue Jul 6 15:47:40 EDT 2010


I am having two issues.

The first is uploading student rosters through reverse association.  It
works on the "Field and Samples" screen, but trying to submit a reverse
association CSV roster does nothing (no feedback at all when pressing the

I can work around this for the summer courses by simply copying a dual-use
column, but for many courses this would become less than ideal.

The other issue is that in preparation for our summer session, one of the
professors noted that the folder containing timed exam resources for
accounts who have completed the material displays very slowly.  Both his
coordinator access and embedded student account (which have taken the exam)
displayed the folder slowly, while my coordinator account loaded a variety
of folders with little differentiation in speed.

Once the folder is loaded and a problem selected, progression through each
problem is fine, it just acts bogged when viewing the entire timed resource.

He had prepared this in a class that was already closed.  We modified the
resource and course closing dates to get rid of the "[a]fter course
enrollment end" message -- the problem persisted (as we suspected).

Thanks in advance,

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