[LON-CAPA-admin] fixing enrollment

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Sun Jan 10 11:57:37 EST 2010


> ... but now there are students who see themselves as being in two  
> sections: one named "section" and one "section1".

That is not supposed to happen - only one active or future student  
role is permitted per user per course.  Enrolling a user as a student  
in a different section should automatically revoke the existing  
student role in the original section.  Evidently inclusion of the  
'#'in the section name had undesirable side effects, one of which was  
to evade this step.

If a student is seeing two possible student roles then the student's  
roles.db file must contain two currently active student roles, each in  
a different section. It is expected that the Course Coordinator  
doesn't see any entries for the original section named "section" as  
the section information in the course's classlist.db file can only  
contain a single section - the latest entry - i.e., "section1".

The first step towards fixing this issue is to determine how the  
student section is described in a student's roles.db.

Once you have the username of a user with two student roles in the  
course use something similar to the following on the command line of  
the library server as either root or the www user:


replacing m/u/e/mueller with the username of the student, prefixed  
with $1/$2/$3/ where $1 is the first letter of the username, $2 the  
second etc.

The section number will be found in the last part of each key, e.g.,


would be a section of section whereas:


would be a section of section#

Once it is known how the unwanted section is identified in roles.db  
files a strategy for removing the entries can be devised.

If the section is named just "section", then I would expect that a  
process of: (a) dropping students,  (b) re-enrolling in section:  
section with an end date set in the past, followed by (c) switching  
section and (d) changing access dates should make the necessary  
changes in a user's roles.db file.

Manage course users -> Display Class Lists and Manage Multiple Users

can be used to do that.

If the section is named "section#" that will likely be more difficult,  
and could require running a script to delete the unwanted entries from  
the affected users' roles.db files. Contact me offlist for details on  

Stuart Raeburn

Quoting James Mueller <mueller at pitt.edu>:

> A professor uploaded a roster for his course and added everyone to
> section in his course named "section#1".  Of course the "#" screwed
> everything up.  He then enrolled them using "section1", but now there
> are students who see themselves as being in two sections: one named
> "section" and one "section1".  Course coordinator only see students in
> "section1" and doesn't even see a section named "section".  I am not
> exactly sure how he did this, but would like to figure out how to fix
> it.
> -Jim
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