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Mark Lucas lucasm at ohio.edu
Tue Apr 13 09:25:10 EDT 2010


I have a situation, which happens every once in a while, that a student claims they completed the
assignment, but then they go back and there's no sign of the work. 

Obviously, things like this are always suspect. In this case I went back through the activity log through
LON-CAPA, checked the activity file under the library server, and poked through the Apache logs.

My problem is that I find some inconistency between these three. This student logged in on Monday
to look at her lab materials as recorded on the Activity log produced within LON-CAPA, but the activity.log
file of logins and printouts does not show this access.

On the other hand, there is a login April 7 which is listed in the activity.log and supported by
httpd access logs, but not listed in the course activity. It did look like the student was having
problems getting around a critical message, but there were then accesses of several
105 homework problems that have no record of submissions either on the Check Activity link
or the course chart/grading.

The student claims to have logged in Thursday night to complete the assignment at the help 
session, and the TA is going to try to identify them (they were only one of two students
for this course on Thursday).

All this said, my big question is whether anyone else has run into situations like this?


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