[LON-CAPA-admin] scantron in csv format

James Mueller mueller at pitt.edu
Thu Aug 27 16:22:54 EDT 2009

I just received the following message from the university office that  
processes scantron forms.  Now I haven't gone back to look at the perl  
script, but our current code assumes the data file is just one line  
per students with the appropriate fields indicated by what column  
characters are in.   Now the question is whether this assumption is  
built into loncapa, or does this just mean I will have to rewrite the  
perl script to get the appropriate information out of the csv file and  
into loncapa?

> You may also have already heard of another upcoming change:  OMET is  
> making the transition to a new system for scoring tests and  
> producing item analysis reports known as ParSCORE.
> ParSCORE generates high quality reports that include all of the  
> statistical information contained in our current item analysis  
> reports.  Furthermore, OMET will continue to provide you with your  
> data file upon your request.   ParSCORE saves data files in CSV  
> (comma separated value) format.  As text files, CSV files can be  
> opened on both MacIntosh and Windows machines;  data in CSV format  
> can easily be imported into Excel and most other commonly used  
> applications.

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