[LON-CAPA-admin] Domain coordinator can't clone course

Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Wed Aug 12 20:23:04 EDT 2009


> Any ideas why this might happen, and how to fix it greatly
> appreciated. We're running v. 2.8.1.

It is possible that the course description stored for the course is  
out of sync with the course description stored in the courseIDs .db  
file which LON-CAPA uses to aggregate information about courses in the  
domain (to provide more efficient look-ups), for example for the "Pick  
Course" pop-up when when selecting a course to clone.  As a result you  
may not be seeing the course listed by the description you expect (I  
know of one other similar reported case).

One way to resolve this, (if that is the problem), is to select a CC  
role in the course which you want to clone from, then  use "Modify  
Parameter Settings" -> "Set Course Environment" to change the  
description so it'll be distinctive.  You can change the title back  
again later.

Then when you become DC and next open the "Pick Course" window by  
clicking the "Select Course" link in the cloning table in the course  
creation page, you should find that the course description has been  
updated so you can locate the course.

If that does not work you can also get the LON-CAPA courseID from "Set  
Course environment" page from the textbox for the "Top Level Map"  
(assuming this is a standard course).

The URL for the top level map might look like:

where 4j66301b841af472etmccl1 is the unique courseID which you could  
copy and paste directly into the CourseID textbox in the "Clone an  
existing course" course table in the course creation page.

Stuart Raeburn
helpdesk at loncapa.org

Quoting Lars Jensen <ljensen at mail.tmcc.edu>:

> At the beginning of each semester, I clone my old course from last
> semester, and use it as my template for the new course. I have never
> had any problems with that. When I now try to do so, my course from
> last semester doesn't show up in the list of courses to clone (other
> courses I taught last semester does show up fine). I have tried to
> search for the course in a variety of ways: owner, or keywords, etc,
> but it never shows up in the list.
> Any ideas why this might happen, and how to fix it greatly
> appreciated. We're running v. 2.8.1.
> Lars.
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