[LON-CAPA-admin] Auto account

H.K. Ng hkng at fsu.edu
Tue Apr 21 12:53:20 EDT 2009

Thanks Stuart, a couple of questions.

1. Is the account created when a new user logs in via sso and if the 
username does not exists, it is then created?
2. If so, which routine does it call? I want to limit the auto 
account to those who are coded as instructors or instructor-of-record.


At 12:30 PM 4/21/2009, you wrote:
>Hon Kie,
>Self-creation of accounts was added to LON-CAPA in version 2.7.  Who
>may self-create LON-CAPA accounts is controlled by domain
>configuration set by a Domain Coordinator via:
>Main Menu -> Set domain configuration -> User creation
>The choices for "User creates own account" are:
>Email address   Institutional Login   SSO
>The Domain Coordinator can also can configure what types of
>information a user creating his/her own LON-CAPA account can set via:
>Main Menu -> Set domain configuration -> User modification
>The choices for "Information settable when self-creating account (if
>directory data blank)" are:
>Last Name   First Name  Middle Name Generation
>E-mail address    Student/Employee ID
>Note: this can be set to vary by institutional status (e.g., Faculty,
>Staff or Student) if you have access to a directory service, and have
>configured definition of institutional types , and also retrieval of
>institutional status for individual users as part of localenroll.pm.
>For users creating their own accounts based on instituional login or
>SSO, typically most of the user information will be retrieved
>automatically (this uses the same mechanism via localenroll.pm as used
>for institutional directory searches when an instructor is adding a
>user to a course).  In such cases users creating their own accounts
>will only be able to enter information for any fields unavailable from
>the institutional directory, which were checked in the "Information
>settable when self-creating account" configuration (see above).
>Once a user has created a LON-CAPA account, the question then becomes
>what can the user do next?  One possibility is to enroll in courses
>which allow self-enrollment.  Currently this is restricted to
>self-enrollment as a student.
>Some discussion is found in the Domain Coordination Manual
>Stuart Raeburn
>Quoting "H.K. Ng" <hkng at fsu.edu>:
>>Hi, is there a script where a user can request for an account on
>>loncapa? I know there is the auto-enrollment for students but what I
>>have in mind is for instructors and other users. Thanks, -hk
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