[LON-CAPA-admin] Computer not Returning Feedback

Stefan Bisitz st.bisitz at fh-wolfenbuettel.de
Mon Sep 22 10:46:15 EDT 2008

Mark Lucas wrote:
> Hi,
> We've had a rash of complaints that the computer is not accepting answers.
> I had a problem for which the second answer could be entered, but when 
> submit answer was hit, it wouldn't do anything.
> No incorrect box, no correct, no tries deducted. Nothing. This was 
> observed by two instructors and a student.

Just out of curiosity:
Are you using
a) LON-CAPA style files (.sty)
b) CSS files (cascading style sheet)
in your course?

There might be a relation. I'm still working on a bug concerning this
kind of combination.

Stefan Bisitz

> I poked at the problem in construction space (where it worked), tweaked 
> a few things and republished. It then worked for me and the other 
> instructor, but the student still says it doesn't work.
> We've had another question (one from msuchemlib) that is optionresponse. 
> A couple students have had issues with it not accepting
> answers. It took the first answer, but then complains that the answer is 
> one of a previous try or doesn't provide any feedback.
> I also had a student who had issues with a feedback question. No response.
> (1) Have other people had issues like this? I'm using 2.7.0
> (2) Are there browser issues with new versions of IE, Vista, Firefox? 
> Does anyone know of a standard 'operator error' that could cause this? 
> (browser configuration, etc...)
> (3) Any bugs that have been fixed?
> Later,
> Mark
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