[LON-CAPA-admin] First and Last name removed from user during auto-enrollment?

Eric Harvey/FS/VCU teharvey at vcu.edu
Thu Sep 11 13:46:02 EDT 2008


We have 3 instances in a particular course (I believe during 
auto-enrollment) where the user's First Name and Last Name data is 
replaced with a null value.
If I check the user's envionment.hist, I can see where these fields were 
once populated with the correct names, then recently blanked out.
The classlists created from our SIS/Banner feed DO contain the names.
Any advice on what I should check next?

Also, I have limited knowledge in reading the history files. What do the 
colon delimited codes mean before the "readable" data?


Eric Harvey
VCU Learning Systems
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