[LON-CAPA-admin] Computer not Returning Feedback

Mark Lucas lucasm at ohio.edu
Fri Nov 21 08:18:04 EST 2008


We've had a rash of complaints that the computer is not accepting answers.

I had a problem for which the second answer could be entered, but when 
submit answer was hit, it wouldn't do anything.
No incorrect box, no correct, no tries deducted. Nothing. This was 
observed by two instructors and a student.

I poked at the problem in construction space (where it worked), tweaked 
a few things and republished. It then worked for me and the other 
instructor, but the student still says it doesn't work.

We've had another question (one from msuchemlib) that is optionresponse. 
A couple students have had issues with it not accepting
answers. It took the first answer, but then complains that the answer is 
one of a previous try or doesn't provide any feedback.

I also had a student who had issues with a feedback question. No response.

(1) Have other people had issues like this? I'm using 2.7.0

(2) Are there browser issues with new versions of IE, Vista, Firefox? 
Does anyone know of a standard 'operator error' that could cause this? 
(browser configuration, etc...)

(3) Any bugs that have been fixed?


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