[LON-CAPA-admin] Fedora core 8

Stuart Peter Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
Tue Mar 11 20:49:30 EDT 2008


I don't expect there to be any difference between the rpm built for Fedora 
7: perl-DateTime-0.41-1.0.fc7.lc and the rpm for Fedora 8: 

In Fedora 8, an rpm for perl-DateTime (perl-DateTime-0.41-1.fc8.i386.rpm) is 
available from the standard Fedora repository, so one did not need to be 
built and added to the LON-CAPA respository for this particular distro. 

Apparently, the update process from Fedora 7 to Fedora 8 did not 
automatically update perl-DateTime-0.41-1.0.fc7.lc to 

You could remove the fc7 one: 

yum remove perl-DateTime 

and then re-install it 

yum install perl-DateTime 

I expect the removal step will also require removal of the 
LONCAPA-prerequisites rpm (as it requires perl-DateTime), so you should also 
re-install this if you did remove it. 

yum install LONCAPA-prerequisites 

Stuart Raeburn

H.K. Ng writes: 

> Hi, I just upgraded the servers to fc8. All went well - however I notice 
> that the module below is not updated. 
> perl-DateTime-0.41-1.0.fc7.lc 
> Anything to be concerned about? (All the others have fc8.lc.)
> Thanks,
> -hk 
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