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Stuart Raeburn raeburn at msu.edu
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Assignment of one or more categories to a course can be either  
something a Domain Coordinator (DC) must do, or can be something a  
Course Coordinator (CC) is permitted to do.  Which of these is the  
case depends on how your domain has been configured. (As DC use "Set  
Domain Configuration" -> "Cataloging of courses" to view/modify this  

If DC is the role which will catalog courses, then select the DC role  
and proceed as follows:

1. Main Menu: select "View or modify a course"
2. Search for the course
3. Check the radio button for "View or modify course settings which  
only a Domain Coordinator may modify."
4. Click the "Select" button for the course
5. Follow the "Modify course catalog settings for course" link

If the CC is permitted to catalog a course then select the CC role for  
the course and proceed as follows:

1. Main Menu: select: "Modify parameter settings (due dates, etc) for  
resources and the course"
2. Follow the "Set Course Environment" link
3. Use the "Categorize course" item (sixth row) - follow the " Display  
Categories" link.
4. In the pop-up check the approriate categories, click "Copy to main window"
5. In the main window click "Save".

For more information see:  

LON-CAPA also provides a mechanism for self-cataloging of courses  
based on institutional code which will catalog the course using a  
hierarchy up to four levels deep (at MSU we use: Year, Semester,  
Department, Coursenumber).  In order to use this the  
&instcode_defaults() and &instcode_format() routines in localenroll.pm  
need to be customized for your domain (For more information see:  
Once this has been set up, courses will be catloged automatically once  
they receive an institutional coursecode (et by the Domain Coordinator).

Both types of catlaoging (category-based and self-cataloging) can  
co-exist for courses in a domain, and both can be used when browsing  
for courses from the Course Catalog screen.

Stuart Raeburn

Quoting Peter Riegler <p.riegler at fh-wolfenbuettel.de>:

> Hi,
> how do I tell loncapa that I want to have a given course within a
> certain main category in http://servername/adm/coursecatalog ?
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