[LON-CAPA-admin] problem with randomized exam grading

H. K. Ng hkng at fsu.edu
Tue Sep 25 14:40:15 EDT 2007


One of the professors randomized exam problem does not seem to grade 
properly. The question contains two parts but one of the parts has a 
numerical response and an option response problem. It seems the 
numerical response part is not graded.

The problem is located at

However, I have attached the problem below since it was published 
under domain only. Part id=b is not graded correctly.


<import id="11">../../Tools/ultility.library</import>

<script type="loncapa/perl">
$mass_g = &random(31,40,2);
$mass_b = $mass_g*2;
$force = &random(110,150,2);
$acc_b = $force/$mass_b;
push @w1,$acc_b/2,$acc_b*2,$acc_b*2/3;
@w_ans1 = &generateWrongAnswers($acc_b,'','','','3s','10%',4,\@w1);
push @w_ans1, at w1;

<startouttext />A boy of mass m<sub>1</sub> = $mass_b kg and a girl 
of mass m<sub>2</sub> = $mass_g kg face each other on a very slippery 
frozen lake, each holding the same piece of rope. The boy pulls on 
the rope with a horizontal force F = $force N.<endouttext />
<part id="a">
<optionresponse max="10" id="12" randomize="yes" TeXlayout="horizontal">
     <foilgroup options="('a third of','half of','equal 
to','twice','three times','unrelated to')">
	<conceptgroup concept="T_and_F">
<foil location="random" value="equal to" name="sa1">
<startouttext />The magnitude of the tension T in the rope is 
<drawoptionlist /> that of the force F.<endouttext />
<foil location="random" value="equal to" name="sa2">
<startouttext />The magnitude of the force F is <drawoptionlist /> 
that of the tension T in the rope.<endouttext />

	<conceptgroup concept="MagF">
<foil location="random" value="equal to" name="sb1">
<startouttext />The magnitude of the force exerted <b>on</b> the boy 
<b>by</b> the rope is <drawoptionlist /> that of the force F.<endouttext />

	<conceptgroup concept="magA">
<foil location="random" value="twice" name="sc1">
<startouttext />The magnitude of the acceleration of the girl is 
<drawoptionlist /> that of the acceleration of the boy.<endouttext />
<foil location="random" value="half of" name="sc2">
<startouttext />The magnitude of the acceleration of the boy is 
<drawoptionlist /> that of the acceleration of the girl.<endouttext />

<part id="b"><tex>\vskip 10pt</tex>
<startouttext />The boy's acceleration is
<endouttext />
<br />
<numericalresponse unit="m/s^2" format="3s" answer="$acc_b" id="15" 
         <responseparam name="sig" type="int_range,0-12" 
default="3,5" description="Significant Figures" />
         <responseparam name="tol" type="tolerance" default="1%" 
description="Numerical Tolerance" />
         <textline readonly="no" size="12" />

<optionresponse max="10" id="16" randomize="yes" TeXlayout="horizontal">
     <foilgroup options="('closer to the boys starting point','closer 
to the girls starting point','half way between their starting points')">
	<conceptgroup concept="T_and_F">
<foil location="random" value="closer to the boys starting point" name="s1">
<startouttext />When they meet, they are<drawoptionlist /><endouttext />

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