[LON-CAPA-admin] Print problems

Todd Ruskell truskell at mines.edu
Wed Sep 5 00:09:09 EDT 2007

Thanks for the pointers.

Looks like I got it figured out.  Something funny happened with the
tetex install.  Forcing an update of the package made it all work.

Thanks again,


Guy Albertelli II wrote:
> Hi Todd,
>> We have an access server (lc2) that we just brought back up.
>> Unfortunately, when doing a prt, we go all the way through the process,
>> and then it hangs on the "Creating PDF" page.  As a student I get the
>> "return to last resource" link, but nothing else.  As cc, it appears
>> that no pdf files get generated.  So clearly something must be missing,
>> I'm just not sure which component.  ps2pdf is present, as is convert.
>> Any other ideas?
> pstops ?
> dvips ?
> latex ?
> (Taking a look into /home/httpd/prtspool might be informative too.)

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