[LON-CAPA-admin] caching of id -> failed

Guy Albertelli II guy at albertelli.com
Tue Sep 4 15:48:50 EDT 2007

Hi Hon-Kie,

> The lonnet.log file seems to be filled with the caching of id failed 
> message - it is about 300 MB in size. There are also a lot of

Is it still confined to this one user?

(I have tried recreating this here and haven't been able to.)

> Userfile repcopy failed for 
> uploaded/fsu/54412611fd3c9469bfsul1/default_1155048274.sequence.meta
> messages. (As you mentioned before, this is not a real error message.)
> Is all this writing to disk affecting the server performance. If so, 
> is there some way to turn them off?

No this is unlikely to be affecting server performance in an really
noticable scope.

However, the inability to cache the data is likely to affect
performance in a noticable way.

> Thanks,
> -hk
> > >
> > > Wed Aug 22 12:22:25 2007 (18437): caching of id ->
> > > userres%3afsu%3amdr04c  failed
> >
> >I added this warning message to notify if the internal memcached
> >caching mechanism failed to cache the requested data. (Back when were
> >getting failures because of large amounts of data.) I'm not sure why
> >you are seeing the caching of this data fail (the data is the
> >resource parameters that are associated to the amdr04c:fsu user)
> >
> >Hrrm, taking a look it appears that it may be related to the fact that
> >there is no amdr04c:fsu user?
> Checking the entries on lonnet, it should be mdr04c. He was accessing
> However, the last time this person logged in was in December.
> >Any guesses as to what course might be causing it to look for this user?
> It looks like he is accessing
> Wed Aug 22, 2007 12:37:34 - 1187800654: fsul1:Role
> in./fsu/414744126dac946cdfsul1
> It is a chemistry lab course for this coming fall. The time stamps on
> the id -> failed starts a second later.
> Thanks,
> -hk
> At 03:08 PM 9/4/2007, you wrote:
> >>3. It is not clear that institutional directory means the 
> >>directory/database kept by the university/institution separate from 
> >>lon-capa such as directories available on a university homepage. On 
> >>the same theme, the "selected domain" could possibly be thought of 
> >>as the institutional directory.
> >
> >
> >A suggestion. It doesn't seem necessary to distinguish between the 
> >users on loncapa and the institutional directory. When a user wants 
> >to find another user, the user really doesn't care it comes from. I 
> >suggest that when a search is requested, both data bases (if the 
> >institutional directory is enabled) be search. If there is a 
> >conflict, then the existing user takes precedence. I don't expect to 
> >see any conflicts but who knows.
> >
> >-hk
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