[LON-CAPA-admin] Odd User Management

H. K. Ng hkng at fsu.edu
Tue Sep 4 15:08:29 EDT 2007

>3. It is not clear that institutional directory means the 
>directory/database kept by the university/institution separate from 
>lon-capa such as directories available on a university homepage. On 
>the same theme, the "selected domain" could possibly be thought of 
>as the institutional directory.

A suggestion. It doesn't seem necessary to distinguish between the 
users on loncapa and the institutional directory. When a user wants 
to find another user, the user really doesn't care it comes from. I 
suggest that when a search is requested, both data bases (if the 
institutional directory is enabled) be search. If there is a 
conflict, then the existing user takes precedence. I don't expect to 
see any conflicts but who knows.


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