[LON-CAPA-admin] Course Catalog, Auto-Enrollment

Stefan Bisitz st.bisitz at fh-wolfenbuettel.de
Mon Feb 5 12:25:04 EST 2007

Hi Stuart, 
hi Guy, 
thank you for your help. You already answered some questions which I would have asked later on anyway. First, I 
didn't know that there is a connection between the course catalog and the auto enrollment for which I was trying 
to figure out at the same time how it works. 
Peter and I analysed some parts of Autoenroll.pl and localenroll.pm (msu version from CVS) and did some tests. 
As we understand how auto enrollment works, we think that we can build a scenario like this: 
a) Students register for LON-CAPA courses using a HTML form 
b) The form creates XML files in /home/http/perl/tmp/ and stores the enrollment data from the form 
c) The nightly auto enrollment job (Autoenroll.pl and localenroll.pm) adds the new students to the courses 
Consider, that we have NO university server which provides student´s course data. 
We would like to ask some further questions now: 
Form for self enrollment 
Is it right, that a) and b) form our scenario are not implemented in LON-CAPA and have to be programmed by our 
localenroll.pm from msu 
CVS: /modules/mus/localenroll.pm 
Is this the current version which you use at MSU? 
localenroll.pm version 
Why do I find localenroll.pm v1.10 in /home/http/lib/perl/, but v1.17 seems to be the current one? 
Aim of course catalog 
Am I right, that the course catalog can be only used to display existing courses, but not for enrollment? 
localenroll.pm, sub instcode_format 
Is this subroutine only used for the course catalog and could offer - depending on the code - dropdown-lists for 
selecting the course(s) which should be displayed? 
Courses in course catalog 
Is it correct, that filling in the institutional code is the only way to include a course in the course catalog 
and leaving out the institutional code is the only way to exlcude a course from the course catalog? 
Guy wrote: 
> To hide a course remove the insitutional code, to have a 
> course display specify a code. 
When is the catalog updated? I changed the institutional code, but the inst. code remained the same in the 
course catalog. Also, deleting the inst. code in one course had no effect on the appeareance of this course in 
the course catalog. 
Old courses in course catalog 
What is the reason for displaying old courses where no enrollment is anymore possible? 
"LON-CAPA section ID" 
What is it? Where and how is it used? 
What is the correct content of <authtype> in the classlist data file, when we want the students to authenticate 
a) via LDAP server ("Local Authentication") 
b) LON-CAPA-internal ("Internally authenticated") 
<startdate>, <enddate> 
What format do these dates have? 
classlist data file 
Even if I create such a file by hand and start Autoenroll.pl manually, it replies "No institutional classlist 
data could be retrieved for 1P185967cc6c045d3fhwfl2". besides the "1" in sub run, I haven't changed or added 
anything in localenroll.pm, because it seemed that the other routines are only for the course catalog or for 
fetching data from the not exisiting course data server. 
Thank you in advance, 
Stefan Bisitz 

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