[LON-CAPA-admin] VCU LON-CAPA server issue

Jeffrey S Nugent/FS/VCU jsnugent at vcu.edu
Thu Apr 19 08:08:58 EDT 2007

We have reports from a few faculty LON-CAPA users here at VCU of very long 
processing times (up to 60 sec. or more) for simple tasks like changing 
parameters within a course. 

Interestingly, when the faculty member tried to perform the same function 
accessing the VCU site through the MSU LON-CAPA site the processing times 
for the same action was significantly reduced (5 - 10 sec.).

Hoping someone can lend some insight as to possible causes for this 
performance lag / difference and offer suggestions for solutions or things 
to test.

Many thanks,


Jeffrey S. Nugent
Associate Director
Center for Teaching Excellence
Suite 440, Cabell Library
Virginia Commonwealth University
Ph (804) 827-0563, Fax (804) 827-0837
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